Opstina - Church Board Application

The Cathedral is a California Non-Profit Corporation and has both elected officers and a Board of Directors.  The officers and directors are elected by members in good standing who have been voted into the church governance body referred to as the Opstina. 

The daily affairs of the church is governed by its Bylaws that are kept in alignment with our Diocese.

In order to join the Opstina, one must submit an application to the Opstina.  Each application must have two current Opstina sponsors and be reviewed by both the Parish Priest and the Opstina Board before coming to a vote of the Opstina at large.

Opstina Membership Application


St. John the Baptist Cathedral 
Executive and Auditing Boards

Elected at the Annual Parish Assembly November 13, 2016

sjsoc board members


Bob Medan, President

Stan Grgic, Vice President

Predrag Milovac, Secretary 

Luka Erceg, Treasurer

George Postic, Financial Secretary 

Micaelee Ellswythe, Member

Steve Davidovich, Member

Don Kosovac, Member

Jovica Maksimovic, Member

Paul Bunjevic, Member

Zarija Lukic, Member

Luka Erceg, Member


John Lambright, Auditor

Dushan Medan, Auditor

Dan Grgich, Auditor







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